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Today I am doing my best. So are you.
Still from music video for PIG - Speak of Sin
This is still from the video I did for PIG's "Speak of Sin"

Today I am doing my best.

So are you.

I have had trouble sleeping soundly, and took a sleep aid last night. It actually had the opposite effect, raising my heart rate. I did sleep but wow, I am tired.

It made things hard this morning, and I had to rush to get to therapy. I am so glad I have a great therapist, and it helped me get in a better place.

I am — like most of us — a person who needs other people to help regulate my central nervous system. Being kind to myself means, in part, being sure that I spend time with people who are good for me, supportive of me, and accept me as I am.

If you need help, let me know.